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Karen Lancaume pornstar - Free Karen Lancaume porn videos

Karen Lancaume

Karine Bach, Karen Lancoume, Karen Lancom

Karen Lancaume
Lyon,Rhône,France 61
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Information about Karen Lancaume

  • Birth: 19/1/1973, 49 Age.
  • Height:5 ft 4 in (167 cm)Weight:0 lbs ( kg)Gender:Female
Karen Lancaume ( Karine Bach original name) was born in Lyon France a January 19, 1973 and died on January 29, 2005 in Paris, at the heart of a wealthy family who lived on the outskirts of his hometown. His adolescence was like so many others, although noted for his calm, romantic and somewhat introverted.

It was a French porn star, shot a little over thirty adult films, going to retire in 2000, not to agree to some wild scenes and humiliating.

Your pre-porn life, she had said that her first sexual experience at age 17, just before embarking on a university career of Marketing. To be covered studies worked weekends at a nightclub, where he was known to her husband, Franck, the disc jockey.

Raising a family and bring up classic bunch of suckers was the ideal of the couple, but economic problems require them to take a new direction. In 1997, when financial problems began to take their toll on the couple, Karen Franck proposes to enter the world of porn. The capricious chance put them in orbit Marc Dorcel, one of the most illustrious names of porn of all time, who hired them to L "indecent Aux Enfers (Marc canopy, 1996). Contingencies continue, and Franck, who was unaware of the hardness of the trade, has the usual erection problems, forcing Karen to resort to other stallions in what may be the source of bad rolls that will end in divorce.

Far from leaving, his career had just begun. Screens debut in the USA with Private Gold 25-When the Night Falls (Jorgen Wolf, 1997), a super Private factory production that begins with the duo Roberto Malone-Karen in one of her first anal sex and cum on his mouth, lavished with specialty expertise.

He later worked with the best porn filmmakers from Europe, as Mario Salieri, Alan Payet, Luca Damiano, films highlighting their oral and anal sex, double penetration, lesbianism and orgies.

Her appearances alternate between the two continents, either in the ranks of major brands like Elegant Angel, Wicked or Sin City either orders devoted to directors like Marc Dorcel, Mario Salieri, Andrew Blake, Alain Payet, Max Bellochio, Luca Damiano, etc.

Exhibitions Collaborate in 1999 (John B. Root, 1998. Director's name reflects a game that resembles biroute, translated in French slang penis), an atypical X film shot as a documentary in which porno scenes combined with interviews with the protagonists.

Karen came to feel distaste for his work, once said in an interview: "I was covered in cum, wet, freezing to death and nobody even offered me a towel. When the scene ends, you're worthless.".

The following year he exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival and Virginie Despentes, seeking explicit sex actresses that performed for her first film Baise-moi (Fuck, Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi, 2000), ends with Raffaëla contratándola Anderson, another actress French porn.

The controversial film based on the novel by Virginie itself tells of the meeting between Nadine (Karen) and Manu (Rafaela) and his subsequent flight, turned into a vendetta against society and male gender.

The director defines his debut as a feminist argument Thelma and Louise style but with real sex scenes, free rape and murder. With the scandal reached the notoriety, and Karen decided to seize on to further his career in mainstream cinema as Karen Bach and abandon the X industry, but not before ranting against it as they have done so many and so many others.

The truth is that no luck with their new venture and, to the surprise of many of his relatives who declared "I was excited, decided to commit suicide. His slender 1,67 m not contoured back again.

According to the official, Karen committed suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills in the Paris home of some friends I was visiting for a weekend