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Katia DeLys pornstar - Free Katia DeLys porn videos

Katia DeLys

Katia De Lys, Katya deLys, Katia deLis, Katia de Lis, Katya de Lys

Katia DeLys
Havana,La Habana,Cuba 508
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Katia DeLys porn videos

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Information about Katia DeLys

  • Birth: 25/12/1984, 37 Age.
  • Height:0 ft ( cm)Weight:0 lbs ( kg)Gender:Female
The revolution came to Cuba the moment Katia De Lys spread her legs. This stunning mulatto beauty has one of the most amazing pair of tits in the porn world, which makes guys drool.

This beautiful hot Latin girl practices all kinds of sex, using not only her pussy to fuck, but also her awesome bubble butt to have sex.

She's a Spanish-Speaking person from the cradle, but she does not close any doors on herself and she does videos in which she moans in all languages, not depriving anyone of her great pornographic performances this way.

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