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Nina Hartley

Nina Hartman, Nina Hartwell, Nina Hardley, Nina Harley

Nina Hartley
Berkeley,California,United States 168
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Information about Nina Hartley

  • Birth: 11/3/1959, 63 Age.
  • Height:5 ft 3 in (163 cm)Weight:130 lbs (59 kg)Gender:Female
Nina Hartley (born on March, 11, 1959 in Berkeley, California), is a porn actress, sex educator and an adult film director. She has starred in over 800 films. She's one of the longest living porn actresses as she has been doing porn since 1984.

Hartley was born to a Jewish family and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She's the youngest of her siblings (she has an older sister and two older brothers). Her parents converted to Buddhism when she was still young. She graduated with honours in nursing (magna cum laude) from San Francisco State University.
In 1982, during her second year in college, she started working as a stripper at the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell theatre.

In 1984, during her penultimate year of her degree, she made her porn debut, shooting the film Educating Nina, a movie produced by the veteran porn actress Juliet Anderson. After that she shot "Anal Annie and the backdoor housewives" and her first sequel, entitled "Anal Annie and the willing Husbands" (1985), in which she did her first anal sex scene. Soon after that, she took part in the film Ball busters, her first job for an important movie producer (Metro). She continued working for them, appearing in Peeping Tom (1986), Switch Hitters 2 (1987) or Suzie Superstar: the Search Continues (1988).
In 1989 she shared the big screen with Peter North in Young girls in tight jeans and in Deep trouble.
During the nineties, she appeared in some of the VCA most notable films. Such as: "Debbie Does Wall Street" or "Hate To See You Go", both from the year 1991. In 1995 she worked for Vivid, shooting "Ashlyn Rising", and sharing the silver screen with Ashlyn Gere, another big name actress.

In 1997 she made a brief foray into conventional cinema, shooting "Boogie Nights". One year before that she had already appeared in a Canadian movie entitled "Bubbles Galore".

Throughout the decade (and also afterwards), the actress shot, directed and produced many episodes of the series "Guide to..". All these videos have a clear educational approach, and they try to explain certain sex aspects, in a didactic way, from oral sex and anal sex, to couple relationships or even bondage. The most recent installment of the series (2008), is a guide to practice sex during pregnancy.

As of 2001, she took part in the porn series "Naked Hollywood", shooting 22 installments between the years 2001 y 2003. Another one of her tv series is Private sessions (shot between 2002 and 2005), which fundamentally addresses things such as fetishism, bondage and domination. The main difference with the previous installment is that in this one, the actress didn't have a sexual role. In fact, during those last years, she started to appear in porn movies playing a non-sexual role. This is the case of The power of submission (2006), For love, money or a green card (2006) or Not bewitched XXX (2008). Among her latest films, in which she practiced sex, we can highlight: "You've Got a Mother Thing Cumming 2" (2008), in the Milf genre, and "Who's Nailin' Paylin?" (2008), a parody about the vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, in which she played Hillary Clinton.

Nina Hartley is a strong advocate of the view that the porn industry should exist in the United States. In fact, before Jenna Jameson attained stardom, she frequently appeared in tv shows, defending that position.

Hartley is openly bisexual in her private life, and she has had - what has been described as - the most estable relationship in the porn industry, being part of a menage a trois, along with her husband Dave (whom she met when she was 19), and her "wife" Bobby Lilly, for 20 years. Hartley decided to put an end to the relationship sayin: "I was really immature and he was too possessive. It didn't work... it ended because we were the wrong persons to be involved with". After that, she married Ira liveine (alias Ernest Greene), porn film director, specialised in BDSM movies.

Hartely has no children, due to her lack of interest and also to , but she has eight nieces and nephews.

She once said in an interview that she had chosen the name "Nina" because it was easy to pronounce for the Japanese tourists who attended her show when she was dancing in San Francisco. She chose "Hartley" because she loved the commercials that Mariette Hartley did for James Garner at the time.

She was interviewed for the book published in 1995: "XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography", in which she describes how she was arrested in Las Vegas, along with 10 other porn stars (later known as "The Erotic Eleven"), for putting on a lesbian show during a fundraising event, as there was an undercover agent among the audience. The judge threatened to imprison her for 12 years, and she got a reduced sentence.

The porn actor Lexington Steele said in an interview in 2001 that, without a doubt, the best sex he had ever had, had been with her.

AVN awards

Nina has won numerous awards throughout her film career, from several fan and film critic associations.

The following is a list of her AVN awards.

Best Non-Sex Performance for Not Bewitched XXX (2009
Best Specialty Tape – BDSM for Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 13 (2005)
Best Specialty Tape – Spanking for Nina Hartley's Guide To Spanking (2005)
Best Supporting Actress – Video for The Last X-Rated Movie (1991)
Best Couples Sex Scene Film for Amanda By Night II (1987)
Best Couples Sex Scene – Video for Sensual Escape (1989)
Best Supporting Actress – Film for Portrait of an Affair (1989)
Best Actress – Video for Debbie Duz Dishes (1987)

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