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In this funny video we are going to see some friends enjoying a party once they are a little bit tipsy. The game they are playing is to lie on top of a rickety poker table and lick some salt from the bellybutton of one of their friends, to help themselves swallow the tequila shot. So far so good, but the problem will come when the table does not longer support the weight of the women who's wearing lingerie and she will fall to the ground, bashing her head on the floor while her friends laugh at

  • Tube site:Youtube
  • Rating:8.8
  • Number of ratings:101
  • Duration:00:44
  • Creation date:20/12/2013
  • Last update:05/01/2018
  • Quality:SD
Categories: Interesting
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Teacher plays a prank on the her new yoga student

A woman has just fallen victim to a prank filmed with a hidden camera, where we will see how a yoga teacher testing the woman, along with another lady, being both of them the baits. The victim will believe that the teacher is very horny and she will not accept practicing compromising positions with him. At the insistence of the guy, the woman will decide to leave, until they tell her that everything was a joke to test her.